2019jan03 - paulo silva - nitrofurano at gmail dot com - here i have online some of what i have done until now, like what i did for sdlbasic, wxbasic, python and lua - started recently some portfolio, mostly as a mere css earlier exercise - another part of my experimental portfolio can be find in my flickr and behance account, and also at gitlab and itch.io - there are also some webfonts available, and a tutorial as well - you can find some blog posts i have done, and follow my identi.ca and twitter accounts - the colours i'm using in this webpage were picked from my chromapost account, and i have some ready palettes available in my colourlovers account as well - in the last few years i also were volunteering at tvp and lti - if you want to donate bitcoins, be welcome, and thank you - please don't bother if this webfont still lacks spacing and hinting adjusts
- - -