zxspectrumstuff_20111221b.zip (139kb)

2011dec21 - Paulo Silva (nitrofurano_at_gmail_dot_com)

(english grammar and vocabulary fixes and improvement are welcome =) )
This page is about some stuff i'm doing for zx-spectrum retrocoding development - not only for contribution, as well for learning it.



Improved ULAplus support, and added SamCoupé palette support.


Added some tools for seeing and sorting SCRplus (ULAplus) palettes.


Added ULAplus support. I got amazed on how simple were implementing it, as well i hope soon more emulators will support it defaultly. (i really don't enjoy that much having to use Wine or Java to run emulators...)


Added a tms9918-like "text mode" pattern example, similar on the one i made for msx years ago (but without hardware sprites, since zx-spectrum doesn't have them, and i still don't know how to use sprite drawing routines to simulate similar effect). Also added some picture converters (in sdlbasic) that can be useful.


Added a snippet for a game idea using 4 players on one keyboard (since afaik there are none for zx-spectrum?), and some character maps.


Added some libraries, for drawing also bezier and cubic curves, and displaying text (print) with 4x6 characters (but still having bugs on the attribute handling).


Recently i'm trying Boriel's zx-basic compiler, while i struggled with Uschi Compiler - in the link above i'm starting to share some snippets and examples.

Later you will can see some
screenshots of the above examples you can see from downloads above.


Interesting links:

• http://www.worldofspectrum.org
World of Spectrum

• http://www.boriel.com/software/the-zx-basic-compiler/?lang=en
Boriel's zx-basic compiler

• http://www.svgalib.org/rus/zmakebas.html
zmakebas - converts (tokenizes) zx-basic .txt files into .tap

• http://www.rastersoft.com/fbzx.html
FBZX (emulator)

• http://fuse-emulator.sourceforge.net
Fuse (emulator)

• http://jspeccy.speccy.org
JSpeccy (emulator) - supports ULAplus, needs Java ("java -rar JSpeccy.rar" from terminal or bash script)

• http://sites.google.com/site/ulaplus/
information and links about ULAplus

• http://bulba.untergrund.net/vortex_e.htm
Vortex Tracker (works fine on Wine)

• http://www.mojontwins.com
Mojon Twins (retro game developers)

• http://www.retroworks.es
RetroWorks (retro game developers)

• http://www.mojontwins.com/csscgc2011
comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Compo 2011, hosted by Mojon Twins

• http://members.inode.at/838331/index.html
zx-spectrum webpage from Leszek Chmielewski (LCD)

• http://sourceforge.net/projects/scrplus/
ULAplus picture converter from Edward Cree (AYChip)

• http://nitrofurano.altervista.org/experimental/webcampictureson8bitcomputers/index.html
project from me, using a zx-spectrum for loading pictures from a webcam, sent from a PC (with Linux) via "cassette" audio cable - i also tried to extend this project to some other 8bit computers as well, and maybe also 16bit ones

• http://altervista.org
Altervista (free webhost, this one i'm using now)


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