Wxbasic2_Examples_050130.zip (37kb)
Wxbasic1_Examples_040624.zip (63kb)

2005jan30 - Paulo Silva (correasilva_at_tugamail_dot_com)

(english grammar and vocabulary fixes and improvement are welcome =) )

WxBasic is a long-waited open-source ansi-basic gui-based interpreter, and it does most of the things i need from it. As well, its core is also the base core on another very good ansi-basic interpreter like SdlBasic is.

Only now (Jan'05, 16 months after wxb2 getting started (Sep'03)) i'm starting to convert all my code from wxb1 to wxb2 - what a hard task!... This page i started with some stuff i did for wxBasic development since Feb'03 (i think) - not only for contribution, as well for learning it.
For this being easily possible, i needed to put a "codefix.wxblib" on all of the code, focusing the code replacement task as short as possible (only stuff like 'Nothing' instead of 'Null', 'c$=b$&a$' instead of 'c$=b$+a$', etc.). - The main content of codefix.wxblib is having functions would add a '$' on string commands, as well a remarked documentation about how to convert wxb1 code to wxb2.

Now finally in the wxb2 examples, wxr-to-wxb and hex-bin converters has GUI (i'm a lazy guy), and the hex-bin converter you can convert binary files to raw hexdump (not useless at all) and db hex sequence as .asm for assembler programming (i think so).

You can see some
screenshots of the above examples - only a few ones are converted to wxb2.


Help needed:

• An official wxBasic-Wiki page is very welcome!
• Is someone porting wxBasic to BeOS, ArOS and MacOS-Classic? Btw, an ArOS version of wxWidgets libraries is very welcome! (if someone can help with it, please do!)
• More iniciative on developing examples to wxBasic and letting us know. (i'm curious about it!)
• If someone can start a sourceforge.net-like repository for collecting our wxBasic code, please do! It's very important a newbie can get a huge sea of examples for a fast learning.


Important note:

W32 version of wxBasic interpreter, as it is provided from wxbasic.sourceforge.net, is compressed with UPX - it may hang, slow down or crash system utilities like anti-virus (any kind, i think) and by consequence, all OS performance (which one is so weak on MS-Windows). When uncompressed with UPX, wxBasic interpreter gets 3 or 4 times larger (3.5mb from 960kb), but problems like this simply dissapears...


Interesting links:

•• http://www.wxwidgets.org
Important information about wxWidgets libaries (early named wxWindows) - you can find there also an useful Dialog Editor. (a bit hard to use, but enough for wxBasic usage, as well i writed a converter from their documents to wxBasic)

•• http://wxbasic.sourceforge.net
The official wxBasic url - thanks David Cuny for the very best ansi-basic interpreter core available (as well as open-source) even still being embrionary! (its forum is the easier to use i even find! (there is no confusing subscription needed))

•• http://sdlbasic.sourceforge.net
Example of a very good Amos-like ansi-basic interpreter, based on wxBasic interpreter core. Very good for 2d game development - specially now, as you can convert .sdlbas code to .cpp, which one you can compile with GCC or MinGW (a feature like this i'm curious to see on wxBasic project, it seems to be not that impossible...)

•• http://www15.brinkster.com/nitrofurano/sdlbasic
My personal web-page about sdlBasic (just like this one).

•• http://developer.apple.com/documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/OSXHIGuidelines/
The first GUI documentation norm i got online, named HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) - People interested to follow basic rules for GUI ergonomy should read this document, even as this one focused on MacOS-X interface (specially the pdf version).

•• http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gup/hig/
The first GUI documentation norm i found focused on an open-source GUI (more specificly on Linux-Gnome) - a bit different from MacOS HIG documentation (OS-X and Classic), but are interesting documentation stuff as well.